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Dolphin Rifle Stocks

Dolphin Gun Company now make on our in house CNC machines two new Dolphin rifle stocks for F Class T/R and tactical rifles. These Rifle stocks are truly modular. Offering full inlets for Remington 700 style actions, Barnard S & SM Actions & RPA Quadlite, both single shot and repeater plus BAT VR and shortly Savage actions.

The stock is fully adjustable including an adjustable pistol grip for length of pull. There are 3 types of forend available; short tactical style, long F/TR style and a Benchrest F Open forend. It accepts AI magazines in the repeating version and will feed faultlessly with any action fitted. They come coplete with a quality Morgan Recoil pad which is also fully adjustable and quality pistol grip. All stocks come complete with Stainless Steel bedding bolts and repeating actions come with a five round AI magazine as standard. Forends are inter changeable making this the most adjustable and versatile stock system currently on the market. And, all manufactured in the UK. There will be a folding version and lightweight carbon fibre version available in early 2012.

Cost of the Standard stock is £630 RRP in any colour anodise available. See Dolphin Modular Rifle Systems.

Plus, we now import the famous Shehane F Class Open and F Class T/R wood laminate rifle stocks (see below). Call Dolphin Gun Company on 01507 343898 or 0774 7771962 for more information and assistance.

NEW Dolphin Gun Company F Class Rifle Stock - This is a GB F Class Open stock, as was made by Robertson Composites in Canada.  It is available with a full set of furniture as illustrated which includes; adjustable cheekpiece, adjustable butt pad and trigger guard.  It is Un inlet and available in Kit Form. It is also available as part of a rifle build. It comes in a deep lacquered black gel coat finish. Call Mik on - 01507 343898 for ordering and more information. Price including stock with all parts £600.00. See Dolphin Gun Co NEW Butt Plate. Now shipping.

We are proud to announce our all NEW tactical folding rifle stock. Made in house at our premies in Lincolnshire. Available in either a single colour our camouflage/extra colours. All stocks are inlet and available in the following actions; Barnard SM, Remington 700 SA and Remington clones plus Nesica tactical. This great NEW product weighs 2.5Kg including a 5 shot magazine. Available in one colour at £840.00. Order yours today on 01507 343898. To find out more information and see more images please click (here).

(Above) NEW CARBON FIBRE STOCK. This is a .308 win rifle with a Barnard S Action, 30" heavy match barrel and bedded on to our NEW Dolphin Carbon Stock with a black Dolphin Trakker Bipod. " You could add 2 rifle scopes to this NEW system and still be under weight" Call us for more information.

(Above & below) Dolphin Aluminium F/TR/Tactical Stock. £630 RRP. inc, Duracoated or anodised to any one colour.

(Above & two rifles below) Dolphin Aluminium F/TR/Tactical Stock with 32" Bartlin fluted barel, RPA action above, Barnard action below. Trakker Bipod on bottom rifle. Duracoated or anodised to any one colour of your choice.

See our F Class (T/R & Open) rifle stocks parts page for more information. Click (here).

Wooden Laminated Stocks from Dolphin Gun Company

(Above) Shehane Trakker F/TR Stock in Rutland laminate. "Available off the shelf."

(Above) Shehane Trakker F Open Stock in Rutland laminate. "Available off the shelf."

(Above) Shehane Trakker F/TR Stock in Rutland laminate, extra long forend. "Available off the shelf."

(Above) Shehane Trakker F/TR Stock in Rutland laminate. "Available off the shelf."

(Above) Shehane Trakker F Class Open Stock in Rutland laminate. "Available off the shelf."

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