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Dolphin Gun Company are importing from USA and Europe  AR 15 and AR 10 components to build Match Grade Rifles...

Call now on - T -  01205 368639. M - 07747 771962

AR 15


Built on Dedicated single shot AR 15 Chassis made by BCM in Italy

These come complete with side cocking handles on both sides of the upper receiver

Extended cocking handle on RHS is standard

Fitted with a choice of triggers and Magpul Butt stocks

Handguards are avail in Aluminium and Christansen Carbon Fibre

All Rifles are fitted with match grade Bartlein, Lilja or Hardy Carbon Wrapped Barrels and finished

With a Dolphin 3 side port muzzle brake

Chambered in either 223 Rem or 223 Wylde


Lots of choices and Options to choose from,  let us help you spec. up your AR15 with the best components available. Call now on - T -  01205 368639. M - 07747 771962


Built predominantly on the Aero precision Receivers and Handguards made in the USA.

These are machined to accept side cocking handles and are single shot only.

These are also fitted with a choice of Rear Butt stocks and accessories.

We mainly fit the match Giessele triggers to these for due to the reliability and quality of components .

Rifles are built with Match Grade Bartlein, Lilja or Hardy Carbon Wrapped barrels and finished with a Dolphin 5 side port muzzle brake.


Chambered in;

308 Winchester

260 Remington

6.5x47mm Lapua

6.5 Creedmore

Any other 308 based calibre that will feed and cycle correctly.

Call now on - T -  01205 368639. M - 07747 771962

DOLPHIN’S TACTICAL RIFLE BUILDS - Choose your dream rifle from top brand components. Delivered in weeks not months...
All calibres available. Prices on application,  these are built to order and customers specification.   These  rifles use the best of components to ensure accuracy and competitiveness from day one.


Rifle Stocks
Choose from of top brand rifle stocks. See rifle stocks under our accessories menu above.
Huge choice of top brand rifle actions to choose from. See rifle actions on our accessories menu above.
A choice of Jewel , DCR and Flavio Fare triggers is available, both guaranteed to be crisp and a pleasure to use.  Set to your choice of 'Weight of Pull'.
Fitted with whatever twist and length Bartlein, Lilja or Krieger Barrel you wish, this is throated to your requirements and ammunition choice. We recommend Bartlein Barrels, the choice of the winning GB F Class Open Team. We can also supply Krieger, Lilja, Border, Lothar Walther or Broughton Barrels from stock.
Scope Rings
We use Dolphin Custom Rings, Third Eye Tactical and many other brands to suit your set up.
We can supply either Sightron, Vortex, March or Nightforce Scopes at lower prices than many other dealers when included in a full rifle build.
There are many after-market accessories available, and we are happy to supply these at time of building your rifle. We are also happy to fit any available Muzzle Brake or Moderator during the build.
We can flute your barrel with many designs and supply your rifle many colours including camouflage patterns.


Please email us with your basic requirements and we will send you a "Build & cost sheet" by return. Expected build time from accepting "Build & Cost" sheet is 8 weeks.
(Depending on proof house schedule). Thank you and we look forward to building your special rifle...


About Dolphin Gun Company


Mik Maksimovic is known throughout the world as a skilled and knowledgeable shooter, having over 35 years experience in shooting including; representing Team GB on many occasions over the past 20 years. Mik still shoots competitively, concentrating on his passion of F Open target shooting and is currently the Team GB teams manager.

Mik comes from an engineering background and decided to take his passion to the next level by starting Dolphin Gun Company. Here at Dolphin Gun we pride ourselves in expert Gunsmithing and Customer Service, both are of utmost importance to us! You will find Mik will go out of his way to help and assist all customers old and new with is knowledge at every opportunity.

Due to our workload and as much as Mik would love to stand talking all day, we do work on an appointment basis - Give us a call, the coffee is always free. Tel 01205 368639.

Dolphin Gun Company are GOLD sponsors of Team GB


As you will see from this website our facilities and skilled workforce at Dolphin Gun Company are probably the best in the UK for all aspects of rifle work.
Dolphin Gun company are also a major sponsor of the Great Britain F Class Competition.

Mik Maksimovic photographed at the 2013 F Class World Championships in Raton. New Mexico. Mik is the current Team GB teams manager.

Mik Maksimovic photographed at the 2013 F Class World Championships

in Raton. New Mexico. Mik is the current Team GB teams manager.

Dolphin Gun Company are GOLD sponsors of Team GB


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Rifle stocks

A company run by a shooter for shooters

Please note - Due to legal restrictions no firearms can be sold over the internet. No firearms or section-1 item sales can be made to anyone under the age of 18.
Please contact Dolphin Gun Company direct for firearms sales or other items that cannot be sold via the internet.

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