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Target & Match Rifles


Target & Match Rifle Builds

Specialist Target (TR) and Match rifle builds to your requirements.
Expert design, build knowledge and component advice
is always available when designing your new rifle… 

NEW 2019/20 Target and Match Rifles.

Dolphin Target & Match Rifles are built exclusively on our bespoke Dolphin Target & Match rifle chassis using the Barnard P Dovetail action and fitted with Bartlein Barrels. Target rifles are supplied with a Medium Palma profile typically in 1:12 or 1:13 twist. Match rifles are supplied with a 2.5kg fluted match barrel in 1:9, 1:9.5 or 1:10 twist. They are supplied as standard with an adjustable hand stop and target rifle bipod. Your Target & Match rifle can be further customised with a variety of stock finishes and target sights or scope rail of your choice. 
Note: Barrels that are non standard bore, i.e. used for NRA rule 150 will be declared at proof and marked accordingly

Target & Match Rifles - Design and build

All our chambering is done by hand. The feel of the cut and the delicate pressure of the lathe makes for perfect chambering and ultimate precision. We hold a huge list of reamers for all calibres. Please feel free to call Mik for any advice on your new Target & Match rifle design, build and component selection.

Target Rifle Specification: .308 Win, Barnard P Dovetail action, Dolphin Target & Match rifle chassis and Bartlein Medium Palma barrel

Match Rifle Specification: .308 Win, Barnard P Dovetail action, Dolphin Target & Match rifle chassis and Bartlein 2.5kg Match barrel

Target & Match Rifle Accessories

Designed & Built by Dolphin Gun Company. But plates | Hand Stops | Rifle Rests | More

Custom built rifles to your specific needs

The above builds are just a small example of various customer rifles manufactured and supplied by us.
Dolphin Gun Company has built an enviable reputation as an internationally recognised, premier precision gunsmith. We are known for the quality and performance of our precision rifles and associated shooting products.
Our rifles and products are used by top shooters, world-wide, and have accounted for an impressive array of medals in both domestic and international shooting competitions.

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We can advise on the perfect
barrel, trigger, chassis etcetera for your new rifle


We can advise you on the perfect chamber, throat and neck size etcetera for your new rifle

We design and build all rifles and accessories in our hi-tech workshops meeting the needs of  accuracy and precision

All our components are supplied to Dolphin Gun Company as their official suppliers




I received the trigger guard and magazine yesterday and managed to fit them to the rifle this morning. The fit is snug and spot on and 1000% better than what I had before, so I wanted to thank you once again for providing such an amazing level of customer service and care, which doesn’t go unnoticed and is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards, George Balbino


Thanks very much… I’ve also referred a friend of mine Ted Ervine to you. He’s left handed so is keen to buy a target rifle. I’ll show him my rifle next week and he may well buy from you soon after that.  I’ve been very pleased with the service you’ve provided and the quality of the rifle. I’m sure we will keep in contact as and when I have queries, just wanted to show my appreciation for everything so far.
Keep it up! Chris


I must give you a great deal of credit for your service! I’m head of a customer services for a large insurance company, so I know what I talk about when it comes to customer service
Thank you!! Regards, Henric


Hi Mik,
This morning I collected my rifle from Dean White. I want now to write and thank you and all those concerned with its build, for what you have done for me. The rifle looks superb, engineering is outstanding and has far exceeded my expectations.
All the best, Chris.
PS. I have ordered a stainless steel bolt knob from your website.


Hello Mik. Received muzzle break today to say I am happy is an understatement the quality is unreal I am more than delighted with it .Thank you very much Eddie.👍
Hi friends,
Just received the two barrelled Defiance and I’d like to thank you Mik for time spent building me such a wonderful piece of machinery. And you Tina big thanks for your patience, understanding and swift response to all my inquiries.
Best regards, St.Popov


That is probably the best and fastest customer service ever had!!
I’m very happy to be your customer
Many thanks. Iaroslav
It’s very beautiful rifle!!!
Its exceeded all my expectations)))
Thank you very much.
Regards Igor.