DOLPHIN modular F Class rifle stocks

Dolphins Range of Modular stocks and Inlets is extensive,  from single shot to repeating. The Stocks are all UK Manufactured on our own CNC machines and made from 6000 series Aluminium. Finishes available are Duracoat, Ceracoat or Hard Anodise.

Please email with your inlet requirements and specification for a quote or call for ordering and more information
T -  01205 368639. M - 07747 771962

Forends available in short, long and open style,  also TR and MR style forends available.

The Dolphin Modular Stock is a match winning proven product that can be tailored to your requirements.. A truly modular and match winning stock made in UK.

The butt stock is multi adjustable and allows for changes ion LOP and cheek piece position and height.  longer or shorter components avail to allow for much longer than normal LOP and reach.

DOLPHIN modular TARGET rifle stocks

Dolphin Gun Company's New target and match rifle chassis. Designed by listening to some of the best known target rifle & match rifle shooters in UK.  An ergonomic design that works and is a proven sub MOA rifle when used in our target rifle and match rifle builds, using the world beating Barnard P action and Bartlein barrels.

Weight 2.180 kg  including Tr bipod and hand stop. LOP adjustable from 13” to 14 ½”. Interchangeable butt pad system,  either comes with a rubber butt pad,  adjustable up and down

Or an aluminium curved butt plate,  which is multi adjustable. Pistol grip adjustable for correct trigger finger position. Made from 6820 Aluminium and Ceracoted in colour of your choice.

NEW 2018/19 Target Rifle.
Available now from Dolphin Gun Company

NEW 2018 Target Rifle Accessories.
From Dolphin Gun Company

NEW  Interchangeable butt pad system. Either comes with a rubber butt pad, adjustable up and down or an aluminium curved butt plate which is multi adjustable.

NEW 2018 Target Rifle rests. More information »

NEW 2018 Target Rifle Hand Stops. More information »

WOOD2STOCK F Class LAMINATED rifle stocks - Rifle  builds only

Lacquered finish

These stunning rifle stocks are made in Holland with European laminated woods to exciting new FTR and F open shapes.. Designed with a very user friendly easily removable magnetic cheek piece.  Full adjustable for the correct shooting hight.  Weighs approx. 1.9 Kg with all furniture.

Lacquered finish

Lacquered finish

Oil finish

Oil finish

The DGC Wood2Stock laminated rifle stock build features


Picatinny mounting rail

In-letted  Anschutz rail

Adjustable thumb wheel & locking cheek piece mechanism

Magnetic cheek piece

Choice of either Barnard S and Nesika K actions

Choice of barrels

Choice of calibre's

Choice of triggers

Choice of colours

Oil finish or lacquered finish

Comes with fully adjustable butt

Fast delivery

Adjustable and removable magnetic cheek piece

Colours available

Call for ordering and more information - T -  01205 368639. M - 07747 771962

dima F Class LAMINATED rifle stocks

Now in stock...



New DIMA RIFLE STOCKS - Designed and produced in the Ukrain. The most exquisite F Open stocks we have seen ! Now shipping...

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Call for ordering and more information - T -  01205 368639. M - 07747 771962

JOE WEST rifle stocks

Precision built rifle stocks created with a blend of cutting edge cnc machinery, and traditional woodworking skills passed down over three generations. Our stocks provide the ultimate in luxury and dependability. All of our designs were collaborated on with some of the continent's leading shooters and rifle smiths, to ensure your stock is perfectly suited to your style of shooting.



Tactical Rifle spec;

This is a .338 Lapua Magnum rifle built on a Barnard PLM Action, fitted with Bartlein barrel and  a Barnard M10 Modular stock, ceracoated in RAL 8000. Probably the most accurate magazine fed 338 Lap Mag available.

Tactical Rifle spec;

AICS AI Chassis with Nesika MT action, Bartlein 9.5 T barrel built into a custom 338 Lapua Magnum.

A combat proven feature of all our sniper rifles is the polymer and alloy chassis (not merely a stock), which provides the rigidity, strength and durability necessary to provide a stable, rugged platform for the barrelled action in all weather and in any environment.


Accuracy International Chassis Systems bring the ergonomic and functional benefits of our latest advanced AX and AT sniper rifle systems to the Remington 700 platform.


In the ATAICS and particularly in the AXAICS, these benefits are delivered with degrees of modularity and configurable system that cannot be achieved with any traditional stock. Quick and easy to install and requiring no specialised gunsmithing, both chassis systems are available for short and long Remington 700 actions in .308 Win, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum families of cartridges.

MANNERS rifle stocks

A lot of work went into developing Manners tactical series stocks. They were designed with an ultimate goal in mind, ruggedness, stability, accuracy, and ergonomics. These stocks are engineered for the correct stiffness to weight ratio using state of the art processes during manufacturing.


The outer shells are made with 35% aircraft grade carbon fiber and 65% fiberglass in multiple layers. They are hand laid with high temperature epoxy resins, placed under a vacuum, and heat cured to obtain the perfect resin to fabric weight ratio. Standard configuration stocks come fully inletted with a Pachmayr pad installed and a set of pillars that are ready to install at time of bedding.


All of our tactical stocks come standard with a premium painted finish in a solid color of your choice. We also offer most models in a molded in field-grade gel coat finish.


The tactical line of stocks is also available in the Elite Tactical shell option. This is basically the same technology and 100% carbon fiber shell that comes standard in our Elite Hunter series of stocks, but with a bit of old school twist to it. This option is available in all our tactical stocks including the folders. Back when we started Manners Stocks, some of the first stocks that we produced were clear carbon fiber.

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WHISKEY 3 rifle stocks

The Whiskey-3 Chassis (W3C) (Generation 5) is one of the premier chassis available for your bolt action precision rifle The W3C combines precise aluminium bedding with tool-less adjustments, durability, and excellent ergonomics. Right out of the box it allows the use of AICS style magazines (not included) in your rifle without any special bottom metal.

Numerous types of accessories can be added to the many attachment points, including handstops, sling mounts, rails, bipods, monopods, and more. Our modular grip panels allow the shooter to tailor the fit of the stock to his/her hand which, combined with the other adjustments, yield a stock set up exactly as it needs to be for that particular shooter.

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About Dolphin Gun Company


Mik Maksimovic is known throughout the world as a skilled and knowledgeable shooter, having over 35 years experience in shooting including; representing Team GB on many occasions over the past 20 years. Mik still shoots competitively, concentrating on his passion of F Open target shooting and is currently the Team GB teams manager.

Mik comes from an engineering background and decided to take his passion to the next level by starting Dolphin Gun Company. Here at Dolphin Gun we pride ourselves in expert Gunsmithing and Customer Service, both are of utmost importance to us! You will find Mik will go out of his way to help and assist all customers old and new with is knowledge at every opportunity.

Due to our workload and as much as Mik would love to stand talking all day, we do work on an appointment basis - Give us a call, the coffee is always free. Tel 01205 368639.


As you will see from this website our facilities and skilled workforce at Dolphin Gun Company are probably the best in the UK for all aspects of rifle work.
Dolphin Gun company are also a major sponsor of the Great Britain F Class Competition.

Mik Maksimovic photographed at the 2013 F Class World Championships in Raton. New Mexico. Mik is the current Team GB teams manager.

Mik Maksimovic photographed at the 2013 F Class World Championships

in Raton. New Mexico. Mik is the current Team GB teams manager.


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