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Dolphin - Cannon .500" and .690" Calibres Accurate 416R stainless

Superior quality Cannon’s made by Dolphin Gun Company

Dolphin Gun Company - Cannons

Ideal for miniature cannon competitions these are proving to be extremely accurate. 

Superior quality Cannon's made by Dolphin Gun Company.

Made of Gun quality 416R stainless steel, drilled and honed to a bore diameter of either 0.500″ or 0.690″
The threaded breech plug is removable for ease of cleaning and removal of unfired ball and powder.
All cannons are proofed by London Proof House.
Can be supplied with aluminium carriage or make your own wooden carriage.
All cannons are individually serial numbered.


Barrel Length – 33cm
Hight – 15cm
Width – 18cm
Overall length – 40cm
Bore diameters – 0.500″ and 0.690″
Cannon Barrel – Gun quality 416R stainless steel
Carriage – 6082 T6 grade aluminium

Cost – £650.00 including Cannon Carriage. If you would like a Dolphin Gun Company Cannon, please call Mik at Dolphin Gun Company on;
01205 368639 or 0774 7771962
or email