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Target & Match Rifles


Target & Match Rifle Builds

Specialist Target (TR) and Match rifle builds to your requirements.
Expert design, build knowledge and component advice
is always available when designing your new rifle… 

NEW 2019/20 Target and Match Rifles.

Dolphin Target & Match Rifles are built exclusively on our bespoke Dolphin Target & Match rifle chassis using the Barnard P Dovetail action and fitted with Bartlein Barrels. Target rifles are supplied with a Medium Palma profile typically in 1:12 or 1:13 twist. Match rifles are supplied with a 2.5kg fluted match barrel in 1:9, 1:9.5 or 1:10 twist. They are supplied as standard with an adjustable hand stop and target rifle bipod. Your Target & Match rifle can be further customised with a variety of stock finishes and target sights or scope rail of your choice. 
Note: Barrels that are non standard bore, i.e. used for NRA rule 150 will be declared at proof and marked accordingly

Target & Match Rifles - Design and build

All our chambering is done by hand. The feel of the cut and the delicate pressure of the lathe makes for perfect chambering and ultimate precision. We hold a huge list of reamers for all calibres. Please feel free to call Mik for any advice on your new Target & Match rifle design, build and component selection.

Target Rifle Specification: .308 Win, Barnard P Dovetail action, Dolphin Target & Match rifle chassis and Bartlein Medium Palma barrel

Match Rifle Specification: .308 Win, Barnard P Dovetail action, Dolphin Target & Match rifle chassis and Bartlein 2.5kg Match barrel

Target & Match Rifle Accessories

Designed & Built by Dolphin Gun Company. But plates | Hand Stops | Rifle Rests | More