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NEW Muzzle Brakes - .338 .408

PLEASE NOTE: Muzzle Breaks can only be sold to European Countries !

New Dolphin Gun Company Muzzle Brakes

NEW .338 & .408 calibres just added

Dolphin Gun Company Muzzle Brakes

Many calibers and threads to suit most rifle barrels from .22 to .408

Dolphin Self Timing side port muzzle brakes. Made from 416 Barrel Stainless Steel. Available in ½” -20 UNC to M22 x 1.5mm. See full list in the shop dropdown below.
If you have a specific size that you require, please let us know and we will make (within reason) what is required ! Calibre size is required on ordering to ensure you are sent the correct Muzzle brake. These muzzle brakes can be timed and locked off to suit any barrel. No gunsmithing required.
From £140.00 including VAT

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