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BoreTech for - Cleaning Rods Tool Kits Brushes Bore Guides Patches Jags

Bore Tech is the #1 source for premium quality gun cleaning supplies and products

As used by SHOOTERS worldwide

Bore Tech is the #1 source for premium quality gun cleaning supplies and products.

With a focus on accuracy and perfection, our robust line of gun care products includes pistol cleaning supplies, rifle cleaning supplies, shotgun cleaning supplies, gun cleaning solvents, and more. Out of the box thinking and unmatched innovation has allowed us to deliver the most technologically advanced gun cleaning supplies and gun cleaners in the industry today.

Bolt Action Tool Kit - £58.00

Bore Tech’s Action Cleaning Tool Kit is the industry’s most innovative and effective action cleaning tool specifically engineered for meticulous cleaning of a bolt action rifle’s chamber, locking lug recess and action. The patent pending, flexible moulded rubber wipers perfectly conform to the action walls and simply use patches for a thorough and complete cleaning every time.

Proof-Positive Bore Stix - From £54.00

Quite simply the finest coated cleaning rods available, PERIOD! Featuring industry leading ball bearing handles, proprietary, non brass, Proof-Positive tips, colour-coded calibre specific handles and an extremely durable coating our Proof-Positive Bore Stix™ set the bar in cleaning rod technology. Choose the best… Choose the Bore Tech Proof-Positive Bore Stix.

Action Cleaning Tool Wiper - £17.00

Cu+2 Copper Remover from Bore Tech is 100% safe for chrome moly and stainless steel, non-hazardous, odour free, biodegradable, ammonia and petroleum free. Cu+2 uses a 2 step process to remove copper fouling completely from the bore. It reconfigures the copper’s electronic state. Metallic copper with a neutral charge Cu0 is oxidised or broken down into its cupric state, Cu+2. Then, specially enhanced binding agents act like magnets selectively attracting and capturing the copper and removing it from the bore. Cu+2 also contains a rust preventative which conditions the bore after cleaning.

Bore Stix 2 Rod Sleeve - 60.00

Bore Tech’s Rod Carriers are a one of a kind industry exclusive. These rugged carriers are built with the serious shooter in mind and will accommodate up to a 52″ long cleaning rod. Available in a 2-Rod Sleeve or 2 & 4 Rod Rigid Carriers, our innovative designs allow for quick and easy access to each cleaning rod while providing full length protection that will withstand years of abuse.

Bore Tech Bronze Brushes - £7.00

It’s not just a brush it’s a Bore Tech Benchmark Brush! Bore Tech’s Benchmark Phosphor Bronze Bore Brushes are known for being the finest in the industry and set the benchmark for all other phosphor bronze brushes. With twice the amount of oversized bristles, double wound cores with looped ends and barrel safe studs these brushes provide long-lasting, safe and effective scrubbing action.

Bore Guides - £41.00

Bore Tech’s adjustable Bore Guide is a more economical version of the Patch Guides. It is a necessary tool for proper cleaning and protection of your firearms. These guides effectively align you’re cleaning rod with the bore to prevent unnecessary wear to your firearm and cleaning rod. The Bore Guide features CNC machined and anodised aluminium tubes, bolt collars, and patch plates to provide long lasting quality. The moulded rubber nose cones allow for a superior fit and prevent solvents from leaking back into the chamber and action. The solvent port has a tapered opening for easy jag/brush alignment and an adjustable bolt collar is firmly locked in place by a threaded brass locking handle. For .17-.25 cal barrels. Please note the Bore Guides will add approximately 14 inches to the length of the barrel when cleaning. Make sure you’re cleaning rode is long enough to accommodate.

Bore Tech Nylon Brushes - £6.00

Bore Tech’s Proof-Positive Nylon Bore Brushes eliminate the false indication of copper fouling found with traditional bronze brushes and copper removing cleaners. With twice the amount of oversized bristles, double wound cores, looped ends and barrel safe studs these brushes are exceptionally ridged and provide safe and effective scrubbing action all while setting the standard for nylon brushes.

Bore Tech Patch Hog - £31.00

This is Bore Tech’s original patch and solvent collection system that removes all the fuss and mess of cleaning far behind.
The Patch Hog was invented to eliminate the mess and neutralise odours associated with cleaning firearms. With the Patch Hog you’ll never touch a dirty patch again.
The Patch Hog simply slips over the muzzle of any firearm and fastens securely with a scratch resistant rubber washer. The star washer grips up to 2″ dia. barrels, and fits over iron sights. Next, screw on a plastic soda or water bottle to the threaded end to catch your spent patches. Just unscrew the bottle from the Patch Hog and screw on the old lid when you’re done and throw it away—that’s it.

Cotton Patches. £15.00 per 1000

Round or Square from £15.00 per 1000. Bore Tech’s X-Count™ Patches are the highest quality, 100% cotton flannel, double napped, non-fraying, American made patches on the market. Trusted by precision shooters worldwide, our patches have a reputation for superior consistency, maximum solvent absorption and cleaning ability.

Bore Tech Patch Guide - £68.00

The adjustable Patch Guide Plus™ assembly is Bore Tech’s answer to improving the standard of cleaning by creating a more convenient, less messy, and superior product. The Plus assembly shares the same innovative features of the Patch Guide but accommodates a wide array of Delrin® Adapters that will fit AR-style. It features a unique patch plate and hands-free patch spiking system that eliminates the hassles of spiking patches on long cleaning rods, prevents solvents from leaking back into the action, and effectively aligns your cleaning rod with the bore to prevent unnecessary wear to your firearm and cleaning rod. Single-handedly, the ingenious coloured patch plate allows the shooter to place a dry patch, apply solvent, and spike the patch with one hand. The tip of the cleaning rod is stabilised behind the patch plate and the rod handle is held by one hand. The Patch Guide features CNC machined and anodised aluminium tubes, bolt collars, and patch plates to provide long lasting quality. For the .308 cal AR-10. Please note the Patch Guide will add approximately 12.5 inches to the length of the barrel when cleaning; make sure your cleaning rod is long enough to accommodate.

Bullet Knockout Set - £22.00

Bore Tech’s BULLET KNOCK OUTS are a must have in every serious shooter’s range box. Created from necessity, the Bullet Knock Outs are a simple, compact and effective way to safely remove lodged bullets or stuck cases without ruining you’re cleaning rod. The kit includes 4 machined brass tips that work on both rifles and pistols from .17 – .50cal.

Gun Brushes - £5.00

Bore Tech’s All Purpose Double Ended Gun Brushes are an essential tool for cleaning all those hard to reach areas where carbon, copper and oil residues hide. Our brushes feature a double ended design that provides a large, contoured series of nylon bristles to clean open areas while the short, stiff, narrow bristles tackle hard to reach areas. Available with Heavy Duty Nylon, Bronze, or Stainless Steel bristles.

Bore Tech Jags - £7.00

Bore Tech’s innovative Proof-Positive Rifle Patch Jags eliminate the false indication of copper fouling that is common with all traditional brass jags when using copper removing cleaners.
Constructed from a proprietary alloy and engineered to provide superior cleaning, these jags set the standard for effective, non-brass, 100% barrel safe jags. Are your barrels PROOF-POSTIVE clean?

Polymer Cleaning Pick - £10.00

Bore Tech’s versatile Polymer Cleaning Pick is your go-to cleaning tool for all those hard to reach areas on your firearm. These picks are perfect for cleaning every last bit of dirt, debris and fouling without the risk of damaging surface finishes. The multi-purpose tool features a flat tapered end and an angled end which flawlessly clean even the smallest and tightest areas.

Cotton Swabs - 100 Pack - £7.00

Bore Tech’s Cotton Swabs are perfect for spot cleaning and applying small amounts of solvent or lubricant in hard to reach areas. The low lint cotton tip is tightly wound onto a strong but flexible 6” bamboo handle.

Bore Brite Lighting System - £58.00

Bore Tech’s BORE BRITE™ Illumination System is an innovative bore light source that allows shooters to quickly assess bore condition, inspect trigger groups, and illuminate dark, hard to reach areas. The Bore Brite Illumination System comes complete with Streamlight Stylus LED light pen, magnetic and fibre optic nose cones, tip protector and storage case.

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