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BoreTech for - Gun Cleaning Maintenance

Bore Tech is the #1 source for premium quality gun cleaning supplies and products

Bore Tech is the #1 source for premium quality gun cleaning supplies and products. As used by shooters worldwide

With a focus on accuracy and perfection, our robust line of gun care products includes pistol cleaning supplies, rifle cleaning supplies, shotgun cleaning supplies, gun cleaning solvents, and more. Out of the box thinking and unmatched innovation has allowed us to deliver the most technologically advanced gun cleaning supplies and gun cleaners in the industry today.

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Eliminator from £16.00

One of the fastest, easiest, and safest ways to clean a gun. Eliminator will eliminate the need for other special cleaners on the bench. Works for rimfire, centerfire and shotgun barrels, this cleaner works in a two step process, the first one changes the electric configuration of the copper and the second step acts as a magnet to remove virtually all copper and prevents it from rebedding into the barrel. Non-toxic, non-flammable chemical is petroleum and ammonia free.

Carbon Remover from £13.00

Unlike competitive solvents, the C4 Carbon Remover’s proprietary non-flamable, non-hazardous and 100% biodegradable formulation does not merely act as a liquid carrier relying on mechanical action to provide cleaning. C4 relies on a sophisticated blend of surfactants, penetrants, suspending agents and chemical action to remove stubborn carbon deposits. Ideal for rifle barrels, bolt faces, flash suppressors, compensators, silencers, chamber throats, revolver cylinders, gas pistons and any other place extreme carbon fouling is found.

Copper Remover from £14.00

Cu+2 Copper Remover from Bore Tech is 100% safe for chrome moly and stainless steel, non-hazardous, odour free, biodegradable, ammonia and petroleum free. Cu+2 uses a 2 step process to remove copper fouling completely from the bore. It reconfigures the copper’s electronic state. Metallic copper with a neutral charge Cu0 is oxidised or broken down into its cupric state, Cu+2. Then, specially enhanced binding agents act like magnets selectively attracting and capturing the copper and removing it from the bore. Cu+2 also contains a rust preventative which conditions the bore after cleaning.

Chameleon Gel - £16.00

Bore Tech Chameleon Gel safely and effectively removes all types of extreme fouling and lightly polishes the bore in the process. It is a biodegradable gel that is safe for all barrels. 2 oz tube.

Extreme Grease 10cc - £11.00

Bore Tech’s Extreme Grease™ is a synthetic based fluoropolymer lubricant formulated for superior performance under extreme pressures and over a wide temperature range of -55°F to +700°F. It has a lower coefficient of friction than traditional petroleum based lithium greases and provides excellent film strength and water resistance. It significantly decreases friction and wear while providing superior lubrication; formulated for use on locking lugs, bolts, slides, and mechanisms of all varieties where smooth operation, extended part life, and performance under extreme conditions is required. 10cc syringe.

Moly Magic - £16.00

Bore Tech’s MOLY MAGIC is a unique blend of penetrants and surfactants formulated exclusively to assist in the removal of molybdenum disulphide buildup in rifle bores. Molybdenum disulphide (commonly referred to as “Moly”) is a substantive material, which means that it clings to metal surfaces readily, and while this is part of the mechanism which allows moly to provide friction reduction, it also makes it difficult to remove with traditional bore cleaning solvents.

In the presence of high temperatures and high pressures, moly breaks down causing a thick film build-up and a corrosive sulphuric acid byproduct. Both residues can significantly decrease accuracy and destroy barrel steel if not appropriately cleaned.

Bore Tech’s MOLY MAGIC penetrates deep into the metal’s pores while a specially formulated surfactant system that suspends and attracts the particles to the patch with electrostatic force, greatly increasing cleaning efficiency.

MOLY MAGIC IS NOT A BORE CLEANER. MOLY MAGIC should be used in conjunction with a bore cleaner like Bore Tech’s ELIMINATOR™ to achieve proper cleaning results.

Gun Oil - £15.00

Bore Tech’s Gun Oil is a premium synthetic blend of high purity petroleum based oils, super fine Teflon® fluorocarbon particles, and enhanced rust and corrosion preventing additives designed to offer high performance lubrication and metal conditioning under extreme conditions. Displaces carbon, moisture, and dirt, as well as providing superior lubrication and corrosion protection. This also decreases friction and wear while preventing fouling build-up and making cleaning easier. This gun oil contains a high concentration of pure, sub-micron Dupont® Teflon ideal for treating and protecting metal surfaces. It is the right choice for barrels, trigger assemblies, actions, bolts, pistol slides, and any other moving metal parts subjected to extreme elements. 4 oz. size.

Bore Tech Tef-Dri 1oz - £10.00

Designed with Teflon particles so it quickly evaporates, this dry film lubricant will not freeze or attract dust. It can be used on handgun and rifle magazines, rifle bolts and folding knives.
Notes: Teflon particles in an evaporating carrier; Dry film lubricant will not freeze or attract dust.

Shield XP - £14.00

Bore Tech’s Shield Rust Preventative is a unique aerosol rust and corrosion preventative designed to withstand the most extreme conditions. Its specially designed formula displaces moisture and provides a dry, long-term barrier against rust and corrosion for all metals. Unlike typical preventatives that leave a wet, oily film on top of the metal surface, Shield Rust penetrates deep into the metal’s pores, sealing it from the environment. Fast drying, Shield Rust will not attract dust, dirt, or sand and forms a barrier against damp, humid, and corrosive elements. 4 oz. pump spray.

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