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Rifle Actions - Barnard Bat  Defiance Ultimatum Remington Stiller Surgeon


We only supply the very best rifle actions on our rifle builds. Please don’t hesitate to ask Mik for advice on selecting the best action to meet your requirements.
All our actions are sourced directly from the manufacturers and we hold the largest stock of actions in Europe.
Actions supplied only as part of a complete rifle build.

Trade enquiries welcome for Barnard Precision Actions


BAT Machine actions – World Class Precision = World Class Performance! Renowned for their quality and performance BAT actions are machined from solid billet and have a reputation for the best machining in the industry.  BAT actions come in a variety of sizes and profiles to include – round, multi flat and octagonal with two lug Benchrest, two lug repeater or single shot Remington 700 and three lug Benchrest  options.

Model EX actions are available for both CHEY-TAC and .50 BMG and already proving popular for our ELR rifle builds.

For further information visit:

Dolphin Gun Company maintains probably the largest stock of BAT actions in Europe.


The following BAT Machine Actions are available:

– 2 lug Benchrest – Model L, CT, M MB, DS, B, SB, S & SV
– 2 lug Repeater / Single Shot (Remington 700) – Vampire, Bumblebee, Model TR, HR & VR
– 3 lug Benchrest – Model 3l & 3LL

– Remington 700 footprint repeating or single shot action
– Actions are available in short or long action
– Available in right or left bolt
– Actions are 17-4 stainless steel or 4140 Chromoly steel
– Bolts are 4140 Chromoly steel (Spiral or cross hatched fluting options)
– Removeable trigger hanger (Except HR & VR) accepts most Remington 700 style triggers



Defiance offers many action types and configurations to suit your specific requirements. The actions are CNC machined from pre-hardened 416 stainless steel to ensure close tolerances are maintained. Bolts are machined from pre-hardened 4340 chrome moly steel. The full-length lug ways are wire EDM-cut to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the bolt.

The actions all incorporate a primary extraction feature to facilitate easy extraction of fired cases and smooth bolt cycling. A variety of bolt face diameters are available to accommodate multiple calibres and fitted with M-16 style extractors.

Both single shot and repeating actions are available and designed to be interoperable with hinged floor plates or detachable box magazines. A variety of options are available for bolt handles, bolt knobs, bolt fluting, shrouds and rear tangs.

For further information visit:


The following DEFIANCE Actions are available:

– Deviant
– Rebel
– Ruckus
– anTI
– Tenacity

– Same footprint as a Remington 700
– Actions are available in short or long action with right or left bolt
– Action body machined from hardened 416 stainless steel
– Bolt body machined from hardened 4340 chrome moly
– Single shot or repeater options available
– Bolts use an M-16 style extractor


Barnard’s World Class Actions -For more than 20 years Barnard Precision have been delivering some of the highest quality actions to the world stage – and ‘we at Barnard, intend to continue that great tradition’. With the continued production of model P actions established by Peter Barnard, Barnard Precision are able to provide a great selection of P variant and Remington style actions to suit any situation. Recent additions to the range include the P Chey and GP for ELR calibres up to .50Cal BMG.

For further information visit:

Dolphin Gun Company are the Official UK importer and distributor for Barnard Precision. 

Trade enquiries welcome.

The following Barnard Actions are available:

– Model P, Model PC, Model PL & Model PLM
– Model S, Model SC & Model SM
– Model P Chey
– Model GP

– Same footprint as a Remington 700
– Actions are available in short or long action
– Available in right or left bolt
– Actions have the option of a titanium recoil lug
– Comes with the Pierce 4140 chrome Moly Spiral Fluted Bolt and a Pierce firing pin assembly
– Bolts use a Sako or M-16 style extracto


ULTIMATUM PRECISION actions are precision CNC machined from 4340 HTSR steel with a black hard nitride finish for improved wear and corrosion resistance. 

The sturdy action body incorporates an integral recoil lug for increased strength and provides additional length for for the barrel tenon. A 20 MOA aluminium picatinny rail is supplied as standard with the action and secured with 6 x 8-40 mounting screws and 2 dowel pins. a 4340 steel rail and 30 MOA rail are available as upgrade options.

The bolt incorporates a floating 3 lug bolt head to ensure perfect alignment with the bore axis, further aiding accuracy. The bolt also incorporates a battery safety feature whereby the firing pin can only protrude if the bolt lugs are fully engaged.

The bolt head can be easily interchanged and is offered in .223, .308, Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum bolt faces. The bolt head also incorporates a dual ejector system. With a 60 degree bolt throw and 3 lug design, this allows for rapid and precise operation.

All ULTIMATUM PRECISION actions have a Remington 700 trigger interface thus enabling a variety of compatible third party triggers to be used. The repeating actions are compatible with AICS and AW magazines. 

For further information visit:

There are two ULTIMATUM Deadline models available:

Deadline Short Action & Deadline Long Action 

Right or left hand bolt
Right port
Dual ejector system with minimal ejection port
Single shot or repeater (Short action only)
Integral recoil lug in .312 thickness
Spiral fluted bolt
Trigger hanger for Remington 700 style triggers
Barrel threads: 1 – 1/16″ x 20 (Short Action) & 1 -1/18″ x 20 (Long Action) 

We can also supply Remington 700 (Accurised), Stiller and Surgeon actions.
Unable to decide ?
Call Mik for further advice !