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Looking for the services of an expert gunsmith with unparalleled knowledge of all calibre rifles? Look no further - Mik's a world-renowned gunsmith with probably the best workshops in Great Britain and Europe. Our services are unmatched, and we guarantee that you won't find better anywhere else. Our advice is always friendly, and we're available between 9-5 to cater to your requirements. And when you visit, you can rest assured that the coffee pots are always on. However, please note that appointments are necessary, as we're always in high demand. So don't wait any longer - get in touch with us today!

Our Gunsmith services

Fitting of triggers & repairs

It is imperative to keep in mind that the trigger is a vital component of the rifle and should never be overlooked. We stock and supply all major trigger brands and offer trigger repairs and setting as and when required. It is important to note that a good quality trigger with a quick lock time can significantly enhance the rifle's accuracy. So, do not underestimate the trigger's importance and choose the best one for your rifle.

Bartlein Barrels in Stock

We are the leading Bartlein Barrel Importer in the UK and Europe, with a large stock of barrels readily available for purchase as blanks. We can also send them directly to your gunsmith. If we don't have a specific barrel in stock, we can certainly order it for you, while keeping in mind that the lead time can be up to 12 months. Please note that deposits will be required for barrels that are not usual stock items.

Barrel work

We fit only quality barrels as part of our rebarreling service. With our extensive selection of 120 reamer sets and specialized tooling, we guarantee a top-notch new barrel with a quick turnaround time. Our throating service can extend the throat on the barrel to accommodate longer bullets, and we offer a shortening and recrowning service as well. We are experts in all and any barrel work, so rest assured that you're getting the best service possible.

Fitting Brakes and Mod's

We have a wide range of Moderators available that we can supply and fit to your exact specifications. In addition, we also offer our own highly effective Dolphin Muzzle Brakes that are available for purchase. Let us know what you need and we will make sure you get the best possible solution.


We are fully equipped to handle any Bolt repairs and we are confident in our ability to assess and perform any necessary repairs. Our expertise includes services like firing pin and spring replacement, sear replacement and timing, as well as bolt handle repairs and replacement for certain models. Rest assured that we are here to provide you with the best possible assistance and ensure that your Bolt is in top working condition.

RIMFIRE WORK - Click here...

When it comes to Rimfire Rifle Work, we are the experts you can trust. We take great pride in always keeping rimfire barrels in stock, ensuring that our customers have access to the best products available in the market. Our stock includes the highly acclaimed Lilja Rimfire barrels, and we also have prefits available for CZ457 and Rimex actions. However, please note that all barrels must be proofed and cannot be sent out to customers or end-users. We are confident in our ability to provide you with the best possible service and would be more than happy to provide you with a quote for any rimfire work that may be required. So, whether you need custom work done or simply need some advice, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are always ready and willing to help.


If you need your rifles checked, serviced, or faults found, we are the gunsmiths you should call. We have extensive experience in identifying faults on most rifles and can test fire them on our own 100m range. So, if you want to ensure that your rifles are in top condition, give us a call and we can arrange something.

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